Discover the Top 9 Best Hiking Boots for Snow to Conquer Winter Adventures

Last updated on February 16th, 2024

When it comes to hiking in snowy conditions, having the right pair of boots can make all the difference. The top 9 best hiking boots for snow are specifically designed to provide the necessary warmth, traction, and durability needed to conquer snowy trails with confidence.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore these top-rated boots that excel in snow conditions, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience.

Top 9 Best Hiking Boots for Snow

1. Timberland Men’s Anti-Fatigue Hiking Boots:

TIMBERLAND men anti fatigue hiking boots
TIMBERLAND men anti-fatigue hiking boots

These Hiking Boots are crafted with premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers and a TimberDry eco-conscious waterproof membrane, keeping your feet dry in any weather.

The anti-fatigue comfort technology ensures all-day comfort, while the fully gusseted tongue keeps out debris.


Waterproof, durable leather, anti-fatigue comfort.


 None noted.

2. Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots:

Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots
Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots

These Hiking Boots are made from suede leather and breathable mesh, featuring a KingTex waterproof membrane for ultimate protection.

These boots offer lightweight comfort with a well-padded collar and tongue, shock-absorbent midsoles, and high-quality rubber soles for superior traction.


It is waterproof, lightweight, great traction.


None noted.

3. KEEN Men’s Targhee 2 Mid-Height Waterproof Hiking Boots:

KEEN Men's Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots
KEEN Men’s Targhee 2 Mid-Height Waterproof Hiking Boots

These Hiking Boots feature KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole provides a high traction grip, and the mid-cut height offers ankle support.


Waterproof, excellent traction, ankle support.


None noted.

4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Hiking Boots:

FREE SOLDIER Men's Hiking Boots
FREE SOLDIER Men’s Hiking Boots

The FREE SOLDIER Men’s Hiking Boots! These boots are designed to make your outdoor adventures comfortable and enjoyable.

With a durable and waterproof design, these boots keep your feet dry and protected in wet conditions, so you can focus on exploring nature without worrying about soggy socks.

The lightweight construction of these boots makes them easy to wear for long hikes. You won’t feel weighed down, allowing you to trek further without feeling tired.

Featuring a sturdy rubber outsole, these boots provide excellent traction on all kinds of terrain. You can confidently navigate rocky trails and slippery surfaces without slipping.

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or exploring the woods, FREE SOLDIER Men’s Hiking Boots are your reliable companion for any outdoor journey.


Waterproof construction, classic design.


Limited color options.

5. Mishansha Mens Warm Snow Hiking Boots:

Mishansha Mens Warm Snow Hiking Boots
Mishansha Mens Warm Snow Hiking Boots

The Mishansha Men’s Warm Snow Hiking Boots are great for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, or walking in snowy conditions. These boots are made to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

They are resistant to water, so your feet stay dry even if it’s wet outside. Plus, they have an anti-slip design, which means you’re less likely to slip and fall on slippery surfaces like ice or wet snow.

These boots are also lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down as you explore the great outdoors. They provide good support for your feet, which can help prevent fatigue on long hikes or walks.

Whether you’re hiking through snowy mountains or just taking a stroll in the park on a cold day, the Mishansha Men’s Warm Snow Hiking Boots are a reliable choice to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.


Lightweight, stylish design.


Durability concerns.

6. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots:

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Womens Waterproof Hiking Boots
Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women Waterproof Hiking Boots

These Hiking Boots feature a water-resistant upper and waterproof membrane, ensuring your feet stay dry.

With deep lugs on the traction sole and breathable mesh lining, these boots provide stability and freshness during your hikes.


Waterproof, lightweight, sturdy grip.


None noted.

7. KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid-Height Waterproof Hiking Boots:

KEEN Men's Targhee 3 Low Height Waterproof Hiking Shoes
KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

These Hiking Boots offer a KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane and KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole for traction.

The mid-profile upper provides comfort and a secure fit, while the removable metatomical footbed offers excellent arch support.


Waterproof, has great traction, comfortable.


None noted.

8. Itasca Women’s Hiker Hiking Boot:

Itasca Women's Hiker Hiking Boot
Itasca Women’s Hiker Hiking Boot

This Boot features a durable leather and nylon upper, along with a waterproof breathable membrane for added protection.

The comfort cushion insole and traction rubber outsole make these boots reliable and comfortable for snowy hikes.


Waterproof, durable, and comfortable.


None noted.

9. Merrell Women’s Yokota 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot:

Merrell Women's Yokota 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
Merrell Women’s Yokota 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This Hiking Boot offers a contoured Kinetic Fit BASE insole for support and stability.

The Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock, while the suede and textile upper ensures durability.


Waterproof, supportive, shock-absorbent.


None noted.

What Boots Are Good For Snow And Hiking?

When it comes to choosing the right boots for snow and hiking, several factors should be considered to ensure optimal performance and comfort. The best boots for snow and hiking are those that offer waterproof protection, insulation, traction, and durability.

Waterproof boots with features such as waterproof membranes or treated materials are essential to keep your feet dry in snowy conditions. Insulation is crucial to provide warmth and prevent cold feet, especially during prolonged hikes in the snow.

For hiking in snowy terrain, boots with excellent traction are vital to prevent slips and fall. Look for boots with rugged outsoles featuring deep lugs or aggressive tread patterns that provide superior grip on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, boots with durable construction and materials are essential to withstand the rigors of hiking in snowy conditions.

Insulation and Warmth

When hiking in the snow, it’s crucial to keep your feet warm and protected. Look for boots with insulation, such as Thinsulate or synthetic materials like PrimaLoft, which provide excellent warmth without adding excessive weight. Insulated boots help retain heat and keep your feet cozy in cold temperatures.

Waterproof Protection

Snowy conditions often involve wetness, which can lead to discomfort and potential foot health issues. Opt for boots with waterproof features, such as waterproof membranes like GORE-TEX or proprietary technologies like TimberDry and KEEN.DRY.

These features prevent water from seeping into the boots while allowing moisture to escape, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Traction and Stability

When navigating snowy trails, having reliable traction is essential to prevent slips and maintain stability. Look for boots with outsoles that feature deep lugs or multidirectional tread patterns. Vibram and Contagrip are well-known brands that offer excellent traction on various surfaces, including snow and ice.

Durability and Protection

Snowy terrains can be demanding on footwear, so durability is key. Look for boots with sturdy construction, reinforced toe caps, and durable materials such as leather or synthetic uppers. Additional features like rand guards and ankle support provide extra protection and stability, enhancing your overall hiking experience.

Are Waterproof Hiking Boots Good In Snow?

Waterproof hiking boots are indeed suitable for snow conditions due to their ability to keep your feet dry and protected from moisture. Snow is essentially frozen water, and if it melts or seeps into your boots, it can lead to discomfort, cold feet, and even potential frostbite in extreme conditions.

Waterproof boots with features like waterproof membranes or treated materials act as a barrier against water, preventing it from entering the boots.

The waterproof feature in hiking boots helps in two significant ways when hiking in the snow. Firstly, it keeps your feet dry by repelling external moisture such as snow and slush. This is essential to maintain comfort and prevent discomfort caused by wet feet during your hike. Secondly, it allows the moisture produced by your feet to escape, keeping the interior of the boots dry and preventing the accumulation of sweat and condensation.

Snowy conditions often involve varied terrain and unpredictable weather. In addition to keeping your feet dry, waterproof hiking boots provide an extra layer of protection against cold temperatures and snow-related hazards. They help to insulate your feet and prevent the cold air from reaching them, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your hike.

Furthermore, waterproof hiking boots are designed to withstand wet and snowy conditions. They are constructed with durable materials, sealed seams, and reinforced toe caps to provide long-lasting performance and protection.

The combination of waterproof features, insulation, and durable construction makes them an excellent choice for hiking in the snow.

It’s important to note that while waterproof boots are suitable for snow, they are not a substitute for proper insulation. Insulated boots with additional warmth features are recommended for extended hikes in extremely cold conditions.

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In conclusion, when venturing into snowy terrains, having the right footwear is crucial. The best hiking boots for snow are those that offer waterproof protection, insulation, traction, and durability.

Waterproof hiking boots are indeed good in snow, as they keep your feet dry, provide insulation, and offer protection against the elements.

With their ability to repel external moisture and allow internal moisture to escape, these boots ensure comfort and prevent potential foot health issues. So, invest in a reliable pair of waterproof hiking boots and embark on your snowy adventures with confidence.

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